Episode 149

Published on:

26th Dec 2021

From Foster Care to Founder

This week we are exploring the walk of life with a delightful lady from Houston, TX who is known in the public space as Difernt.  Difernt has one of the most inspiring stories I have heard. Just as she became an adolescent she found herself facing homelessness and living in the foster system.  Determined to save herself, Difernt made the most of her circumstance and earned a Master’s Degree, became the founder of Th3rd Eye Entertainment, and has published the book “What If? A Controversial Paradigm Shift” which seeks to challenge reader’s comfort zones in order to help them see a different perspective.  

Music by Misha Zarins.

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The Walkshow spreads love through exploring the walk of life.
The Walkshow spreads love through exploring the walk of life. Great variety in conversations and topics with music baked into the listen.

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